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To widen the outreach of Sarawak State Government effort in realising that nobody shall be deprived of a roof over their head, Mutiara Mortgage & Credit Sdn Bhd is implementing Islamic Financing products and businesses complied with Shariah requirement.

These new / enhanced Home Financing Packages will benefit a wider range of B40 group to own a house.


List of Approved Developer for HDRAS
(As of 09/03/2023)


Rumah Spektra Mutiara (RSM)

Rumah Spektra Mutiara

Rumah Spektra Mutiara (RSM) program is an affordable housing program for Sarawakians in the B40 and M40 groups who intend to build comfortable and quality residential houses on their own land. This program prioritizes landowners allocated by the Sarawak Land & Survey Department under the Village Expansion Scheme (SPK) and Resettlement Scheme (SPS) throughout the state of Sarawak.

Eligibility Criteria

  • First time home ownership B40 & M40 groups.

  • Sarawakian with the status of Permanent Resident of Sarawak.

  • Land owner to apply financing with Mutiara for the construction cost.

  • Owner of the land Approved by Land & Survey Department (L&S) on allotment of land under Skim Pembesaran Kampung (SPK) / Skim Penempatan Semula (SPS).

  • Other type of registered vacant residential land is subject to the land size is compatible with the minimum building setback requirement by relevant authorities.

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Type 1


Type 2


Type 3