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Housing Deposit & Repayment Assistance Scheme

Providing cash assistance of up to RM10,000.00 to First Home Buyers B40 and M40 for housing deposit payments;


Monthly financing repayment assistance of RM200.00 per month for up to 48 months.


Eligibility Criteria

First Time Home Buyers for Sarawakians B40 and M40.

Buying an affordable house from a registered developer or;

Build a house on your own land through the Village Expansion Scheme (SPK) / Resettlement Scheme (SPS) Program

For monthly repayment assistance applicants:

Loans / Housing financing approved by financial institutions after October 1, 2022.

Julat Pendapatan Isi Rumah Bulanan

Application Procedure

HDRAS Application Form complete with personal documents,

Letter of Approval from MPHLG / HDC / Land and Survey Department,

Copy of Sales Agreement / Sales Confirmation Slip dated after 12 October 2021,

Confirmation of design and price for Spektra Mutiara House Program by the appointed panel of contractor.

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